LayoutManager v0.1

A Plugin for Rhinoceros 5 to simplify the handling of a massive amount of layouts.

Download: LayoutManager 0.1
Food 4 Rhino: LayoutManager


Release Notes:

This is the first public release of the Layout Manager.
Some bugs are known and will be fixed soon.


The Layout Manager is a Plug-In for McNeel Rhinoceros 5. The tool simplifies the handling of large numbers of layouts (up to several 1000s). It allows to create multiple layouts with a desired projection, scale and size, with just a few clicks.

Requirements: McNeel Rhinoceros 5x64 SR9 or higher.
Author and Copyright: Florian Frank


  1. Download the "RhinoCount.rhi", from the link above.
  2. Run the downloaded .rhi file (Rhinoceros Installer Engine) and follow the steps on the screen.
    Rhino Installer Engine Dialog
  3. Restart Rhinoceros 5.


If the installer doesn't work or the dialog in the above image isn't showing, you may choose Open With for the .rhi file and then navigate to C:\Programs\Rhinoceros 5\system\x64\rhiexec.exe.