ClusterTools v0.29

A collection of Grasshopper User Objects, which enable a lot of nice features on clusters.

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Capture Panel Overview:

This component allows to save a helpful overview picture of the grasshopper panel with the desired components. Just select the desired tab on the Grasshopper ribbon and set save to true with a button or toggle component.
The png image gets saved onto your Desktop in the folder "GH_RibbonOverview" with the filename as the name of the saved panel. Take a look at all the option description for more detailed options on the image composition.

grasshopper panel overview image

Download the example here. The resulting picture of this example script is the following:

misc panel overview image

Auto List, Custom Panel and Runtime Messages:

The following example shows how to use the three components in your clusters. Use the reference to connect to some cluster input or output directly or via a data container. The output or input will get some special features:

grasshopper custom panel

grasshopper custom panel

The autolist inputs automatically fill a ValueList component when connected to that input of your cluster. AutoList inputs are automatically signed with a * character after it's name, to visualize this special feature.
With custom panel outputs you can style panels when connected to your cluster input.

grasshopper auto list

The runtime message component inside your cluster can publish warnings, errors or remarks on your cluster.

grasshopper auto list

Example Files:

Download all example scripts here




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