Taco v0.70

ABB robot programming for Grasshopper.

Download: Taco 0.70

Tutorial: Video Tutorial + Example Files



TACO is a free and user-friendly programming plugin for the simulation and control of ABB industrial robots directly within Grasshopper. Taco offers users to program and visualize ABB robots with parametrics. The current and main features include:


  1. Download the "Taco.zip", from the link above.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file and drag and drop the containing "Taco.gha" file onto the Grasshopper Window.
    blickfeld7 User Objects Installer.
  3. In case the toolbar "Taco for ABB" or "ABB" does not show up, you have to check your internet connection and firewall settings. You will have to disable your firewall for Rhino.exe for 1 time. Restart Rhinoceros and start Grasshopper. The toolbar should be loded and you can change your firewall settings back. If you want to receive automatic updates, don't set Rhino.exe to your firewall anymore.

Note: Even if Taco is a set of User Objects (.ghuser) files, you can install it via the Taco.gha. Once installed the .gha will take care of the .ghuser files and constantly look for updates. Once an update is available you will get prompted on the start of Grasshopper. By clicking on "Accept" the update will be finished after some seconds, thats it. No need to replace .ghuser files manually anymore ;-)

"The use of TACO is at your own risk as it is a free software. We accept no responsibility for damage or injury! Please check the RAPID code carefully before uploading."



To completely uninstall Taco, you have to delete both the Taco Folders (subfolder of blickfeld7) in Special Folders - Components Folder and Special Folders - User Object Folder



Author and Copyright:

Copyright (C) 2016 blickfeld7.com and y2x.design
Support contact: taco@blickfeld7.com
Note: Taco is a free software, please understand, that we cannot provide free support for your issues. Contact us and ask any question and we will try to answer / provide a solution, if it fits in our spare free-time.


Florian Frank
Basel - Switzerland
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Shih-Yuan Wang
Lausanne - Switzerland
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Yu-Ting Sheng
Lausanne - Switzerland
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Taco was developed during a course at the University of Innsbruck (AT) | institute for experimental architecture.hochbau (Univ.-Prof. Marjan Colletti, PhD) in cooperation with Media x Design Lab (CH), EPFL (Prof. Jeffrey Huang) and is an ongoing project by the three developers.